On the Road Physiotherapy answers the question. Is Glucosamine helpful for knee pain?

Our mobile Physiotherapists often get asked what else they can do for their knee pain or if any supplements can work. The most often supplement brought up is Glucosamine.

A large trail in 2008 shed some more light on this previously confusing field of research.

Below we share text and the link to a great article presented on University Health News webpage.

The study showed that glucosamine plus chondroitin sulfate works as well as celecoxib (Celebrex) for providing clinically significant pain relief for people with moderate-to-severe knee pain.

Many people with knee pain due to osteoarthritis have considered trying, have already tried, or are currently taking glucosamine supplements. If your osteoarthritis pain is milder, glucosamine may not provide any noticeable relief, even if you’re combining with chondroitin. But if you have moderate-to-severe pain and you haven’t yet tried the full recommended dose of this combination for at least a six-month period, you may want to reconsider giving this safe, natural therapy a try given the results of the most recent study.

If you are suffering from moderate to severe knee pain and are considering NSAIDs Vs Natural remedies its important to weight up the risks and rewards.

Follow the link to the site and original article below for more information.


Note: Content is written by On the Road Physiotherapy using relevant sources all of which are referenced. All content is aimed to educate. If you are unsure of the relevance of the content to yourself please enquire or speak to your doctor.

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