Our mobile Physiotherapists don’t care about your MRI scan or X ray – Why?

Our mobile Physiotherapists want to speak with YOU first and see what symptoms you are presenting with. Then we can look at the imaging.
As we become more technically advanced we are able to see into the body in more detail and thus we naturally find more ‘variances’. I say variances because we all differ as individuals and its important to consider this when interpreting the results.
When you have back pain this can be caused by multiple reasons. When you get an X ray or MRI and ‘abnormalities’ are shown this doesn’t really tell us much.
1. Were they there before the pain developed?
2. These ‘abnormalities’ may actually be normal for your population, ethnicity and lifestyle history.
3. Which one is causing the pain you are experiencing now?
4. Will what we see change our treatment or action plan?
When you get medical imaging its important to understand these points and that we first treat you are a person. What are your symptoms and how can we help those.
If you are not responding as we expect then imaging can be more beneficial to assist us with an action plan going forward.
Check out the video below for further information on this point.

Note: Content is written by On the Road Physiotherapy using relevant sources all of which are referenced. All content is aimed to educate. If you are unsure of the relevance of the content to yourself please enquire or speak to your doctor.

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Most Physiotherapy sessions will involve some sort of assessment of the condition, a provisional diagnosis if this has not already been established, identification of key signs and symptoms, establishment of a treatment plan and implementation.

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