Our mobile Physiotherapist wonder, are we operating too quickly hoping for that quick fix?

Recently we have received more home visit Physiotherapy referrals for younger people having undergone major joint surgery. Sometimes we wonder is this necessary and could it have been prevented with earlier intervention?

At On the Road Physiotherapy we believe nothing is better than what you were born with. So for all our clients aged care, sports people and the general public we like to try out best to improve movement and tissue qualities to make surgery the last resort!

​Are you considering surgery for an ache or pain? Have you tried to improve the situation with natural methods such as exercise, strength training and weight loss?

Surgery may be necessary and life saving at times but there is always a consequence of any invasive procedure.

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Note: Content is written by On the Road Physiotherapy using relevant sources all of which are referenced. All content is aimed to educate. If you are unsure of the relevance of the content to yourself please enquire or speak to your doctor.

We provide mobile physiotherapy services focusing our efforts to meet the needs of the senior and less able population. We provide a wide range of services NDIS funded, private and others. Currently servicing Sutherland Shire / St George Region.

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World Physiotherapy Day – We do we do?

Most Physiotherapy sessions will involve some sort of assessment of the condition, a provisional diagnosis if this has not already been established, identification of key signs and symptoms, establishment of a treatment plan and implementation.

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