Preventing falls and improving balance. A mobile Physiotherapists bread and butter.

Our mobile Physiotherapists are called upon daily to help with improving balance and striving to prevent falls especially in the ageing population.

Balance is a complex skill where many sensory and muscular systems must work together to create stability.

Single leg balance is crucial as we age to reduce our risk of falls. We need to be able to walk, manage stairs and multitask without toppling over.

Below are the systems that are considered by our mobile Physiotherapists when working to improve balance.

– Proprioception System

– Epidermal System

– Musculoskeletal System

– Visual System

– Inner ear System

The table below shows normative data for single leg balance across multiple age groups with both eyes open and eyes closed (taking away one of the senses).

How do you rate?

(Note: Ensure that if you try these exercise you do so in a safe environment with support close by)

If you don’t do as well as you hoped or as close to your peers as you expected, it is important to consider which systems could be trained or enhanced to improve your score.

If you are concerned. Please get in touch and one of our mobile Physiotherapists can help you or your loved ones.

Note: Content is written by On the Road Physiotherapy using relevant sources all of which are referenced. All content is aimed to educate. If you are unsure of the relevance of the content to yourself please enquire or speak to your doctor.

We provide mobile physiotherapy services focusing our efforts to meet the needs of the senior and less able population. We provide a wide range of services NDIS funded, private and others. Currently servicing Sutherland Shire / St George Region.

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Most Physiotherapy sessions will involve some sort of assessment of the condition, a provisional diagnosis if this has not already been established, identification of key signs and symptoms, establishment of a treatment plan and implementation.

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